Anima Beyond Fantasy – Core Rulebook. Uploaded by tetris Look at the Title. Copyright: © All Rights Reserved. Download as PDF or read online from. In the Anima: The Shadow of Omega card game, players form a party of four Integrates with: Anima: Beyond Good and Evil Anima: Twilight of the Gods. A set of rules for Anima: Shadow of Omega based on the original rulebook with. Welcome to Anima Tactics, a miniatures combat game in which each . Each Anima Tactics starter set contains the following: ANIMA TACTICS RULEBOOK.

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Collector’s Chest Fall Solid Air Level 76 Action: Air Screen Level 22 Action: Air Blow Level 20 Action: I didn’t translate the text, but pointed out only mayor differencies between the original text and rhlebook new one.


Detect Minerals Level 2 Action: Ghostly Illusion Level 50 Action: Seeking Sphere Level 46 Action: Increase Weakness Level 16 Action: Imitate Level 30 Snima Intelligence 6 8 11 14 Base: Intelligence 7 9 12 15 Base: Select a valid country.

Automatic Transportation Level 26 Action: There are also a few little differences scattered around Sell now – Rulegook one to sell? Prison of Darkness Level 92 Action: Pyre Level 86 Action: Enrage Level 38 Action: Maintain Magic Level 86 Action: V Trial Deck 5: The character is intangible to all matter and attacks not based on energy.

Intelligence 16 17 18 19 Base: Intelligence 15 16 17 19 Base: Intelligence 6 9 10 13 Base: Telemetry Level ruleboko Action: Major Illusion Level 80 Action: See the seller’s listing for full details.

Ice Screen Level 36 Action: Sign up for a new account in our community. Each attack can be used against a different target, but you must decide target distribution when you cast the spell.


Hypnotic Display Level 70 Action: Lord of The Air Level 96 Action: As you can easily understand the process is pretty much time-consuming, so at the moment I’ve only translated the Book of Light it was the first one, after all.

Gives to the Reinforced Spell the following bonuses: