Time Traders/Galactic Derelict has ratings and 31 reviews. terpkristin said: The July S&L pick, this was a refreshingly quick read. I like time trave. Galactic Derelict has ratings and 64 reviews. Dean said: Andre Norton’s Galactic Derelict will forever be special to me. As a youngster, I struggle. Andre Norton’s books have long, been favorites in the science-fiction field. In GALACTIC DERELICT, the second novel in the Time Traders Series (first.

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Aug 13, Carolyn Fitzpatrick rated it really liked it Shelves: And while the book raises more questions than the answers it gives, it was a chilling, suspenseful, I-need-to-know-what-happens-next read. Andre Norton was the first science fiction author that I ever read in the sixtiesand I am going back and re-reading some of them.

A great continuation of a classic tale of adventure.

Galactic Derelict – Wikipedia

Series by Andre – A thru J. This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. Classic sci-fi; aliens, spaceships, time travel, adventure and bizarre elements of the moment it was gxlactic inserted into the story in this case the Cold War. Add to Your books.

Galactic Derelict –

Free Stuff Whats in a name? Key Out degelict Time In this volume, Ross Murdoch and companions travel blindly in a Baldie spaceship that crashed on Earth in a past era, just ahead of their Cold War rivals.


Three men undertake a perilous journey to investigate an alien spaceship wrecked during prehistoric times. Old Dereluct Biblio ; I f you liked the way it was set up or just want to check it out. Norton was twice nominated for the Hugo Award, in for the novel Witch World and in for the novelette “Wizard’s World. Not a bad prediction, but it still feels somewhat Cold War-ish.

Since the Andre Norton Award derelivt annually for an outstanding work of fantasy or science fiction for the young adult market. For those who care, there isn’t any sex So, just to nlrton confusing, I’ve completed the first novel in this two-in-one edition, nortob is also called Time Traders. Travel back to the far reaches of history! I was really engaged in the beginning but amdre got bored and started skimming a lot towards the end.

Unfortunately, the attempt by the agency to pull the ship through to the 20th century, although successful, accidentally launches it on an interg This adventure sci-fi novel has a plot hatched through pure bad luck in timing, which is odd in itself because it happens to a group of time agents.

I’m not rating the author, or even the story, but the book, mashed-together as it is, so I have to take that into account. This is the second book in the Time Traders series and it was much better than the first book. I could absolutely see this as a television series.


Galactic Derelict

Wikipedia in English 1 Galactic Derelict. Adventure involving time travel, an alien spacecraft, and alien worlds. We have only one option: View the embedded image gallery online at: Gordon Ash on a perilous journey to investigate an alien spaceship wrecked in the age of the Folsom man.

The spaceship exists at a time when mammoths and like animals still lived on the earth. That is one of the dangers or drawbacks to describing any “super future” technology. There are comparatively few ways I feel the world is better now than in Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. Unfortunately, the characters are one-dimensional and the story is predictable. I’m sure those would have been very cutting edge at the time.

Time Traders/Galactic Derelict

They all have an interesting series of adventures – including being trapped on a traveling space ship. This is older sci-fi, which suffers a little in that its techniques have gone from revolutionary to ubiquitous. Want to Read saving…. And now a new player in the scenario is introduced in the person of a native American ranch hand.