I found this little Alinco DJ-S41C handheld pocket sized UHF transceiver on eBay and the auction ended for £28 including postage. The radio. DJ-S Instruction Manual. Thank you for purchasing this ALINCO FM transceiver. This instruction manual contains important safety and operating instructions. • Frequency range/DJ-S41T MHz, DJ-S41(C) mA (30mA S(c)) @V DC, RXI with the UP/DOWN keys (DJ-S41T only ).

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The schematic indicates a surprising number of discrete transistors and other components. But not bad either, compared to say my cheap wide-open scanner on the same frequencies, though, it’s reasonably intermod resistant. One of the best designed quality HT’s ever made.

At mW it’s using paralleled finals: Tapped during Scan, will stop it on current freq VFO or memory. I think it’s supposed to beep, but maybe only if it gets the Hz tone. I just need to be careful while the antenna is flipped out because it looks like it wouldn’t take too much stick before it snapped. Writing from a memory slot to itself is how you save temporary changes eg adjustments to shift or tone which would otherwise be reset to their old values if you changed channels and came back.

I expect HRO will have it soon. Back to start page. The key to long battery life is using low alimco TX. I find no distinction between the scan mode started by holding UP and by pressing scan, except how long you push it; neither will STOP once it finds something.


The drop in charger and nicads are not available yet. In Use I was expecting more intermod rejection on a unit that isn’t cursed with extended receive. F introduces many of the modesmodifying other keys. I’ve yet to speak to someone on the repeaters using it due to not having much time but I hope to do some DX tomorrow in the hills with a friend of mine who does the DX contest so I intend to take various handheld radios with me so I’ll be taking this little Alinco to give it a alinco dj s41c field test.

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The radio arrived in perfect condition with virtually no wear and tear. On-DOWN turns the “stand-by beep” or courtesy tone off.

I guess it doesn’t matter since there’s no room to go adding a Collins filter: Repeater offsets start at 5MHz, conforming to expectations. And AutoPowerOff can turn it off without touching the volume. If I understand correctly, the only pages calls this unit will respond to are if the other unit sends Hz.

I understand alknco reason we don’t see this yet is that the US is one of very few countries with a allocation.

Distant Signal: Alinco DJ-S41C | UHF FM Handheld Transceiver

Just as good as my Baofeng or other models of handheld radio with the stock antenna so I’m not to concerned about the small antenna. I realize there really isn’t room for a set of helicals, even forbut since I do not buy anything except used scaners cheap at a flea market that has “extended receive” expressly to avoid intermod and image problems, I was a little dissappointed to have ‘scan’ fetch up on some perfect doubles between commercial and public service UHF users.

It is the only green component visible on the board. Tapping Shift while hodling MONI tor will switch you to listening to the transmit side of the repeater or backthe “reverse” monitor, when transmit shift is in use.

I’ve never seen a radio with aljnco alinco dj s41c of antenna but I find it really useful as it saves connecting and disconnecting the antenna each time. This modification is read times. But it fits in the vest pocket with the radio: Place the radio face down on a soft towel. F unction The Function button, while pushed, enables the non-bolded versions of the keys.


Modifications for the Alinco DJ-S41

Many modessome keys uses in modes are cross referenced. Setting the desired Tone or Shift value isn’t enough, you have to activate it. I could not figure how to get it into 50mW “low power” mode. Carefully remove this resistor, using a small tip soldering iron, tweezers and d-s41c steady hand.


Not yet knowing how long the Alkaline AA’s will last, nor how long I’ll have to change ’em and keep memories, I didn’t know whether I’d be needing the charger stand or not, but they couldn’t do the “do you want fries with that” thing. From the size, I had assumed it was all custom ICs on a one board, LCD and buttons on another, but no, it’s a real radio minaturized.

From the size, I had assumed it was all custom ICs on a one board, LCD and buttons on another, but no, it’s a real radio minaturized. Tryk denne knap hvis der skal scannes.

I’ve seen passive-re-radiators for folks using pocket cellphones also mW devices in cars without installation kits; they clipped to djs41c car window. On-UP turns the “stand-by beep” or courtesy tone On. I understand the reason we don’t see this yet is that the US is one of very few countries with a allocation.

I have yet to figure out how practical it’s going to be for joining the fox-hunt chat on mobile may need a passive-re-radiator on the window like cellphone users have for MHz — no, I don’t want a new dual-band mobile! Does what you expect most of the time, push it and you talk.

Alinco replied to my comment: