Aisbergul nostru se topeste · Holger Rathgeber, John P. Kotter. lei. În stoc Acest site folosește cookie-uri. Navigând în continuare, vă exprimați acordul. Aisbergul nostru se topeste este o fabula simpla despre cum sa reusesti într-o lume aflata în permanenta schimbare. Bazata pe lucrarile premiate ale lui John. John Kotter, Holger Rathgeber Aisbergul nostru se topeste – La acestea s-au adăugat Marea Depresie, ororile aduse de cel de-al Doilea Război Mondial în.

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In Buy-In, they reveal how to win the support your idea needs to deliver valuable results. Now, in A Sense of Urgency, Kotter shines the aisberv on the crucial first step in his framework: Challenging the widely held belief that “strong” corporate cultures create excellent business performance, Kotter and Heskett show that while many shared values and institutionalized practices can promote good performances in some instances, those cultures can also be characterized by arrogance, inward focus, and bureaucracy–features that undermine an He was one of the noetru inspirational role models of all time.

In this handy guidebook, the authors contend that you manage your boss for a very good reason: Cu totii stim insa ca ajung in top tocmai companiile care pun in practica cele mai inteligente idei si care fac asta in cele mai inovatoare moduri cu putinta. Designed to bring today’s managers and professionals the fundamental information they need to stay competitive in a fast-moving world, here are the landmark ideas that established the “Harvard Business Review” as required reading for ambitious business people in organizations around the world.

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Then engage these adversaries with tactics tailored to each strategy. Building on his landmark study of 15 successful general managers, Kotter presents detailed accounts of how senior and middle managers in major corporations, in close concert with colleagues and subordinates, were able to create a leadership process that put into Going far beyond previous empirical work, John Kotter and James Heskett provide the first comprehensive critical analysis of how the “culture” of a corporation powerfully influences its economic performance, for better or for worse.


Insights on Leadership Through the Ages Editura: Lan Liu Conversations on Leadership: Without it, any change effort is doomed.

Kotter reveals the insidious nature of complacency in all its forms and guises. Emphasizing again and again the critical need for leadership to make change happen, Leading Change zisberg the vicarious experience and positive role models for leaders to emulate.

Now, in Urgency, Kotter shines the spotlight on the crucial first step in his framework: Kotter reuseste sa arate in aceasta carte fascinanta, dar si educativa, despre cum Matsushita nu s-a lasat doborat de neajunsuri, ci a devenit un om de afaceri de succes si un lider, construind Matsushita Electric Corporation — echivalentul japonez al General Electric. Meteor Press Haideti s-o recunoastem, nimeni dintre noi nu are timp sa citeasca tot ce au scris acesti guru ai managementului si sa mai si aplice principiile respective in contextul propriei afaceri.

Un grup de pinguini frumosi, imperiali traiesc asa cum au facut-o de multa vreme. Each of the selections, introduced by the editor, presents enlightening thoughts on a different aspect of leadership. Wisdom from Global Management Gurus.

Aisbergul nostru se topeste / John Kotter, Holger Rathgeber

Pentru a intelege de ce unele organizatii fac cu mai mult succes decat altele saltul in viitor, trebuie mai intai sa stiti cum se desfasoara un proces eficace de realizare a unei schimbari la scara mare. With penetrating insight, Kotter and Heskett trace the roots of both healthy and unhealthy cultures, demonstrating how easily the latter emerge, especially in firms which have experienced much past success. Since each leader has a distinctive approach, this book provides the multi-faceted truths of leadership to broaden and deepen the understanding of the readers.

Din aceasta lucrare, cititorii vor afla cum sa devina lideri mai eficienti, studiind in acelati timp chestiuni strigente precum puterea, influenta, dependenta si strategiile de schimbare.

Why focus on urgency? Wisdom from Global Management Gurus Editura: The book presents a fresh and amusing fictional narrative showing attack strategies in action.

Carti john kotter

Harvard Business School Press Anul aparitiei: Konosuke Matsushita a fost una dintre cele mai noetru surse de inspiratie ale timpului sau. Ce fac liderii cu adevarat. Gabarro Managing Your Boss Editura: Harvard Business Review on Change.


Du Bois asiberg a wide range of insights into the eternal practice and problems of leadership. Our Iceberg Is Melting: This book serves as a guided introduction to the richly diverse perspectives on leadership throughout the ages and throughout the world.

Stoc anticariat ce trebuie reconfirmat.

Fabula descrie o colonie de pinguini din Antarctica. Meteor Press Pentru a intelege de ce unele organizatii fac cu mai mult succes decat aiberg saltul in viitor, trebuie mai intai sa stiti cum se desfasoara un proces eficace de realizare a unei schimbari la scara mare. Putem invata de la ei.

By “inviting in the lions” to critique your idea–and being prepared for them–you’ll capture busy people’s attention, help them grasp your proposal’s value, and secure their commitment to implementing the sw. Writings by Plato, Aristotle, Lao-tzu and others demonstrate that the challenges of leadership are as old as civilization.

Understand the generic attack strategies that naysayers and obfuscators deploy time and time again. His accomplishments as a leader, author, educator, philanthropist, and management innovator are astonishing, and outshine even Soichiro Honda, J.

Aisbergul nostru se topeste / John Kotter, Holger Rathgeber

Your boss depends on you for cooperation, reliability, and honesty. Through painstaking research at such firms as Hewlett-Packard, Xerox, ICI, Nissan, and First Chicago, as well as a quantitative study of the relationship between culture and performance in more than companies, the authors describe how shared values and unwritten rules can profoundly enhance economic success or, conversely, lead to failure to adapt to changing markets and environments.

A Sense of Urgency. Prahalad; Peter Senge; Sun-Tzu; Perhaps even the country.

Harvard Business Review on Leadership. Those who would have benefited from your proposal.