This instruction implements Air Force Policy Directive , .. addressed in 59 MDWI , Infection Prevention and Control Program. (AFI) , Medical Evaluation Boards – Air Force Freedom of Read more about profiles, audit, officials, pimr, milpds and evaluation. Process supplements to this instruction as shown in Air Force Instruction (AFI) , TR: AFI and local medical treatment facility.

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Peripheral nerve conditions such as: Infections of ears or mastoids.

Aneurysm or history of repair. Entry into Flying or other special duty training. The Medical Waiver Guide provides additional guidance in the preparation forcce cases for flying waivers. Seizures following omission of prescribed medication or ingestion of alcoholic beverages are not indicative of the controllability of the disorder.

The examining flight surgeon handles disqualifying defects in the following manner: If the certified physical expires during the training period, the training base accomplishes an examination PHA for active duty and Short FCII for ARC valid until the onstruction of the next birth month, not to exceed 18 months.

Medical history SF Form 93 must be verified as current within 12 months prior to start of training. In cases of irreconcilable conflict, host service decision takes precedence. Extension to 45 degrees of flexion. Recurrent spontaneous pneumothorax when the underlying defect is torce correctable by surgery.

Physical Fitness: Air Force Physical Fitness Afi

intruction To be considered waiverable, any disqualifying condition should meet the following criteria: Amputation of part or parts of an upper extremity which results 44-17 impairment equivalent to the loss of use of a hand. Whatever variation is used, it must provide the individuals a self-reporting tool to identify their health concerns and hsould be accomplished prior to the PHA i. The information concerning the interval medical history is obtained by questioning the examinee and by a thorough review of the examinee’s health records.


Waiver for Flying or Special Operational Duty. Medically qualified by appropriate review authority following disqualification. Medical examinations are required when: The host nation is the forxe where TDY flying duties take place or the nation with primary aeromedical responsibility.

Failure to Complete Medical Requirements. Flying personnel have been involved in an aircraft accident.

No evidence of significant territories of reversible ischemia. The evaluation should include: Instruuction graduates awaiting upgrade training are required to maintain Flying Class II qualification and are followed the same as any active flyer.

The examiner prepares relevant documents and copies as listed above. The purpose of EFS-M screening is to detect medically disqualifying conditions.

On return to normal duty after any illness or injury that significantly affected duty performance or qualification for worldwide duty. Whenever considered necessary by the examining health jnstruction provider; for example, after a significant illness or injury or commander directed physical assessment.

AFI 44-157

Supports needs for camaraderie and unit cohesion. Regular Air Force members on active duty, unless excluded from instrruction evaluation by appropriate directives. For officers, medical hold does not require their consent. Original to patient’s health record. If more than 6 months have elapsed, applicants must meet standards in Attachment 3.


Identifies individuals for Medical Evaluation Board MEBif qualification for continued military service is questionable.

AFI | Physical Evaluation Board Forum

File the completed DD Form in the medical record. Waivers for flying or other special duty positions granted by another service or nation may not instrution be continued upon return to Air Force command and control. Type and submit to the MPF those 4T profiles issued for injuries or illnesses not compatible with worldwide assignment or mobility deployability and are not expected to resolve within 60 calendar days.

Flying personnel report to a new base. Waiver of Medical Conditions. Intracoronary stents may, in certain instances, be acceptable without MEB if associated with a good result, no myocardial infarction has occurred, and a six month post-procedure treadmill is non-ischemic.

Final evaluation of cases for continued active duty, and where time permits, for separation or retirement, is conducted not more than 1 year post-infarct, provided the member’s clinical course is uneventful. Local medical facilities do not have disqualification certification authority.

Initial ACS evaluations of inactive flyers only if reassignment to active flying is pending. Document administrative updates on the reverse side of the AF Form