The only official test results that the AINP will accept are listed below, along with AINP Employer-Driven Application for a Skilled Occupation · Employer. After you and your employer are deemed eligible the AINP will issue you a letter of AINP Employer-Driven Application for a Skilled Occupation; Employer. Employer-Driven Application for a Skilled Occupation (AINP ) Overview of Employer- Category-Specific Criteria (Skilled Workers or.

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In the case of the Foodservice Industry pilot project it is required that all forms and supporting documents must be sent at the same time. To know more go through the link Alberta provincial nominee program occupation list. Through the AINP, the immigration officials may carry out the nomination and intake guidelines that will make maximum number accepted and nominations are received each year.

The benefits of the new changes occurred in the Alberta PNP are below: CIC will require you to undergo a Medical examination and they will perform a security background check.

Be an incorporated or registered company in Alberta and operating as a business in Alberta i. Strategic Recruitment Stream Candidates had this stream to apply for the Alberta immigrant program without the support of any employer. The result of a successful nomination in this nominee is additional Comprehensive Ranking System points. You will send the originals to CIC after you have been nominated. Anp fill in the form.

Alberta International Graduate Category

If a candidate is eligible and gets approval by the Alberta authority, they will receive a nomination certificate. Please fill in the form.


Under the PNP category, CIC will only assess the 00 on medical examination and security background check and not on other grounds. When sending supporting documents along with your application, make sure that they are certified.

Skilled Worker Immigration Alberta

After you have been nominated, send the CIC forms and supporting documents including the nomination letter to the following address.

IMM Schedule A: One has to fulfill all the required selection requirements for the residency and employment status, language, occupation, work experience, education, and income level. You will also need to fill out and submit copies only of the following CIC forms. If you are found eligible, the province will issue you a letter of nomination.

Alberta PNP Immigration Program | AINP Eligibility | Make Visas

Want help with your application? CIC will issue you permanent residence status. If you are found eligible, the province will issue you a letter of nomination. You need to have a legitimate work permit and other relevant documents. The candidate must work aijp the province as a full-time employee in an eligible occupation. Your application will be returned to you if it is incomplete.

Job title Main duties of the job Start date Working conditions e. CIC will issue you permanent residence status.

It is one the best places on the globe for immigration resulting ain; a flood of applications from everywhere across the world. Application Forms November 10, admin. It will be given preference that the workers having professional, personal, and communities attachments to the province will be considered first ainnp the Canada Permanent Residency that leads to the Canadian citizenship.


For this, they need to be graduated from an approved post-secondary institution, and they must be working on the basis of a post-graduation work permit.

Alberta International Graduate Category – Immigroup – We Are Immigration Law

Leave this field blank. This question is alnp testing whether or not you are a human visitor and to prevent automated spam submissions. The required eligibility criteria for this stream are increased in each section given below: This is an employer driven category which means you need a valid job offer and the support of your employer before you apply. It was divided into the following three different categories:.

Visa Assessment Form Fill in your details for a quick call back. The job offer must meet Alberta’s standards for salaries and for employment.

However, this will increase the overall processing times for zinp application. Applications postmarked after August 23, will be returned to the Alberta Relative. Skip to main content.

If your occupation is exempt from an LMIA, the employer must show they are offering you wages and benefits which meet industry standards in Alberta. Examples include the birth of a child, marriage or divorce. Show that the job offer complies with all the conditions of the LMIA including your ageapplicable.

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