Marcela Colmenares Sofia Mestizo Paula Bolaños Glándula Parótida Que es la Parótida? Esta situada en la fosa retromandibular. La mayoría de las lesiones salivales glandulares afectan a la parótida (más del . cambios intraglandulares y la posibilidad de complicaciones (absceso) en la. Absceso de parótida y meningitis linfocitaria como presentación de enfermedad por ara˜nazo de gato. Cat scratch disease (CSD) usually presents with a.

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Otolaryngol Head Neck Abscsso ; SNIP measures contextual citation impact by wighting citations based on the total number of citations in a subject field. The skin flap was lifted superficial to the parotid fascia. We present eighteen 65 year and over patients with salivary glands diseases, studied by RMI, with the 1.


You can change the settings or obtain more information pafotida clicking here. MR of the submandibular gland: Lippincott Williams and Wilkins; Epithelialmyoepithelial carcinoma of the parotid gland. Surgical incision and drainage may become necessary if abscess formation or facial nerve palsy is present 9. The laboratory findings exhibited abscesl blood cell count of Malays J Med Sci ; We report a rare case of deep lobe parotid abscess with facial nerve palsy.

Facial nerve palsy caused by parotid gland abscess. The skin flap is then elevated to expose the entire parotid gland before the incision and drainage is performed. Mild weakness was observable on close inspection over parotidx left facial region and facial nerve palsy of House-Brackmann grade II was noted. Cat-scratch disease presenting as parotid gland abscess and aseptic meningitis.


The major salivary glands comprise the coupled parotid, submandibular and sublingual glands. We then operated to perform debridement and ce apply a delayed suture.

Bangladesh J Otorhinolaryngol ; Arch Odontoestomatol ; Medicina Oral ; 2: Staphylococcus aureus is the most common pathogen in acute suppurative parotitis 1. The nose, ears, oral cavity, pharynx, larynx and neck were found to be within normal limits after a series of examinations.

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Tumors of the parotid gland: He came to the otolaryngology outpatient department for help, reporting that he had swelling and pain in the left preauricular region and numbness of his left cheek for five days. Odontoestomatol Pract Clinic ; 1: Br J Radiol ; Acta OtoLaryngol ; En la RM, dee conductos intraglandulares y acinos dilatados son hipointensos en TI e hiperintensos en T2.

A proposal for new diagnostic criteria. After physical, laboratory and radiological examinations and consideration of the patient’s history, a deep lobe parotid abscess with facial nerve palsy was the tentative diagnosis. Am J Radiol ; At this point, we also suggested that the patient undergo dde incision and drainage operation, but he refused.

Cat-scratch disease presenting as parotid gland abscess and aseptic meningitis

The incision was made from the mastoid process extending to the upper neck crease. Computed tomography of the nasopharynx exhibited one cystic-like hypodense lesion, of about 2. The abscess absecso then located and drawn with suction. Acinic cell carcinoma of the parotid gland: Subscribe to our Newsletter. J CranioMaxilloFac Surg ; Among these salivary glands, abscesso parotid gland is most commonly involved in acute suppurative sialadenitis. The subject was a year old man who had been relatively healthy, without remarkable systemic disease in the past and no known family disease history.


The mechanisms of facial nerve palsy as associated with a parotid abscess comprise the toxic effect of the pathogen, perineuritis and facial nerve compression resulting from the abscess formation and surrounding suppurative parotitis 6. In this procedure, the incision extended from the preauricular crease, encircling the lobule, to the upper neck crease dde two finger breadths under the mandible.

However, facial nerve palsy, secondary to parotid abscess, parotid rare. The patient subsequently received follow-up examinations for six months as an outpatient at the otolaryngology department.

Facial nerve palsy related to the parotid gland is suggestive of a malignant tumour of the gland, while minor benign lesions may be benign mixed tumours, Warthin’s tumours and others.

The skin incision was executed with the scalpel through the subcutaneous tissue and platysma muscle. J Laryngol Otol ; Imaging of the salivary glands. Sufficient fluid hydration, promotion and maintenance of good oral hygiene and prescription of empiric parenteral antibiotics are principal strategies of medical treatment, while incision and drainage is typically essential.

Acute suppurative sialadenitis mostly affects the parotid gland. Initial physical examination indicated one palpable 4 x 3 centimeter mass with focal tenderness over the left preauricular region Fig.

This surgical approach avoids the facial nerve trunk directly, while still achieving the effect of abscess drainage.