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If the device as a whole exhibits a negative temperature coefficient for V GSso must each internal cell.

2SK – 2SK part cross-reference datasheet –

The author Mitch Hodges and editor Rod Elliott grant the reader the right to use this information for personal use only, and further allow that one 1 copy may be made for reference. The current to reproduce a sinewave will be a bit lower, since it is a smooth curve, but this much headroom will drastically lower distortion. It is claimed to be ‘insignificant’, dataheet for switching applications this is true.

And many pages from ESP. We will find each device’s needs individually. Finally, I’d like to thank Mitch for his contribution, since it describes the issues and how to solve them in an easy to follow manner, keeping complexity to the absolute minimum in the final design example. The claims for better and ‘automatic’ current sharing apply only to devices operated as switches, or where the two curves shown in Figure 5 cross over each other.

Any device can be used for audio and give great performance if a proper design is found. To illustrate this, Figure 5 shows the graph from the IRF data sheet, and although it does not continue down to the levels we are interested in, the trend is clearly visible. The update below has some important information that I recommend you read thoroughly and make sure you understand before settling on the use of HEXFETs in your next amp project.

V DS sat will normally be in the order of around 12V gate shorted to drain at a current of amps, so R DS on is in the order of 1.


You can also merge the voltage supply level and the current level, the freedom to choose. To balance out the nonlinear curve, we can simply cut if off where it seems too bad by using bias.

(PDF) 2SK1530 Datasheet download

Be the first to review this product. If one cell has a slightly lower V GS than the others perhaps due to microscopic variations in the silicon it will take more of the total current.

It can also cause major problems in switching circuits, but that’s another topic altogether and will not be covered here. BJTs are often used, but they do not respond well to even momentary overloads. This will increase dissipation, though. For a better understanding, a simplified output stage circuit is shown below. That it is possible to build a valve amp to a high specification is not in doubt, but they tend to be complex and expensive. I hope this short article with aid others in using these ‘switching’ dataaheet ‘not linear enough for audio’ devices to get distortion figures below many good amplifiers with ‘very linear’ devices.

Be the first to review this product Email to a Friend. Apply a suitable voltage to the drain, then carefully adjust the gate voltage until a suitable measurement current was drawn.

And remember one thing – any output device can be precise if a proper design is found. When found, they tend to be quite expensive. There is not only one capacitance to deal with, but two one from the gate to source and the other from the gate to drain. No products To be determined Shipping.

2SK Toshiba Semiconductor and Storage|Hard To Find | WIN SOURCE

When switching, V th and its temperature coefficient is not relevant because the gate voltage is invariably selected to provide ‘hard’ switching to minimise losses. Voltage level and current level of the power amplifier 2sk1503 separate power supply, dual power supply design, thereby enhancing the quality and reduce the magnitude of the previous stage when dynamic interference, if the voltage level of the power amplifier board using parallel power supply, due to the low resistance shunt regulator power characteristics, can greatly enhance the signal to noise amplifier and sound quality.


The figure isn’t quoted, but it can be calculated datasneet the Drain-Source saturation voltage figure provided. As it transpires, the design I was looking at was unsuitable for the intended purpose, because the quiescent current needed to remove crossover distortion was too high to be practical. Bias stability is definitely an issue as discussed above. Email to a Friend.

Sign up for price alert. I mean class A. In many cases, the datasheeet heat output possible is highly dwtasheet, and HEXFETs are simply unsuited to any application where very low Iq is desirable or necessary. Supplied with insulation film for power transistors. This is entirely counter-intuitive, and is almost certainly the exact opposite of what you would expect.

Even this will not show the same effects as a true valve amp – the nature of the distortion components will almost certainly be different. For some further reductions in distortion, the following work quite well: Be patient during sending Now, in order to size-up the proper driver for the FETs, we need to do a little maths. They still need thermal compensation and a suitable gate drive design, and can suffer from a ‘latch-up’ condition in some cases. Want to gain comprehensive data for 2SK to optimize the supply chain include cross references, lifecycle, parametric, counterfeit risk, obsolescence management forecastsplease contact to our Tech-supports team.

Also take note that HEXFETs will require a Vbe multiplier for thermal compensation, since the negative temperature coefficient does not come into play until the device has about 10 amps through it at least for the IRFP Laser Module Call us now toll free: There is no evidence of ‘notch’ distortion or any other nasty odd harmonic, only a ‘nice’ second harmonic added in.